How can I be sure that my child’s learning challenges are being caused by a learning disability and not something else?

Have your child evaluated by a qualified professional. If your child exhibits some of these signs he or she may be struggling with a learning disability:

  • Difficulty with reading, writing, spelling, and/or using math concepts in contrast with average to superior skills in other areas
  • Poor handwriting
  • Trouble listening to a lecture and taking notes
  • Easily distracted by noise or visual stimulation – unable to pay attention
  • Trouble understanding and following directions
  • Confuses/reverses some letters (‘b’ and ‘d’, for example) or words (like ‘was’ and ‘saw’) and numbers (sees 41 but interprets the number to be 14)
  • Omits or adds words when reading
  • Repeatedly forgets things, loses things
  • Appears clumsy and poorly coordinated
  • Confuses left and right, gets lost
  • Often is late for class, cannot sense time
  • Misinterprets subtleties in language – tone of voice – sarcasm
  • No categories