After their child’s been here a few weeks we get calls from parents saying, ‘I’ve got a new kid at home. He’s happier. He doesn’t need homework help. He’d never read before now he volunteers to read.’ ”
– Academy Mediator Dana Bloom

*At this time, we are holding visits virtually. To schedule an intake or visit, please  contact us  and we will be in touch!

Who Excels Here

Bright children in grades 2-12 who have a learning disability can excel at Ben Bronz Academy. If one or more of these statements fit your situation you should contact us to explore what we offer:

“My child is miserable in school.”

“She cannot answer the questions the teacher asks during class.”

“He avoids reading at all costs.”

“The school doesn’t understand my child. He learns in a different way.”

“My child struggles to express himself with words.”

“She has trouble staying on task and finishing even short assignments.”

“My child is smart but he’s behind in reading by two grade levels.”

“Other kids and the school think my child is stupid. I know he’s not.”

“Often I think my child doesn’t understand the questions I ask.”

“She avoids talking and prefers to sit alone and watch TV.”

Enrolling Your Student

Ben Bronz Academy accepts applications for students between the ages 7 to 18. Applications are accepted at any time throughout the year. Students are admitted when space is available.

The applicant is first asked to observe a class at the Academy and interview with the Intake Coordinator, at which time it will be determined if it is appropriate to proceed further.

To apply for admission of your student,

  1. Call to schedule a visit for you and your student. During your visit you will observe a class and then meet with our Intake Coordinator.
  2. If we decide placement may be appropriate, you will be given an application form to complete. You will also be given a list of documents required to be provide as part of the application.

After the Academy receives and reviews all the required documents, student candidates are invited to spend a full day at the school, if the documentation supports admission. Following this visit, the Intake Coordinator makes a final decision regarding admission.

Part of the enrollment process will be for your student to participate in our CyberSlate fluencies program. You will be provided with more information about CyberSlate during the enrollment process.

If you have any questions at any time about how to apply, please call us. We’re here to help your application process go smoothly.

Ben Bronz Academy encourages applications from and admits students of any racial, ethnic, or religious background. Our programs and policies are applied with equal consideration to all applicants and students.

Ben Bronz Academy is approved by the Commissioner of Connecticut State Department of Education as a Special Education program for learning disabled students.

Success for Children Who Have…

Generalizations don’t work. Still, in most cases, children of average to superior intelligence with these issues do well at Ben Bronz Academy:

    • A Specific Learning Disability
    • ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)
    • Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD)
    • Dysgraphia (writing disability)
    • Dyslexia (reading disability)
    • Dyscalculia (math disability)
    • High functioning Autism (Like Asperger’s)