Summer Programs

2024 Summer Programs

The learning skills and strategies mastered by our students result in measurable achievements surpassing anything many have ever experienced.

Sessions run weekly July 8–August 2, 2024, 8:30am–12:30pm.

Foundational Skills & Review

Classes focus on Reading, Mathematics, Keyboarding, Written Expression, Writing Mechanics, and Study Skills.

All students receive a progress report and recommendations for the school year.

Study Skills

Reading Comprehension practice uses text previewing techniques, outlining, finding main ideas, vocabulary building and note taking.

Written Expression & Writing Mechanics practice includes brainstorming, structuring, drafting and editing. Spelling practice uses strategies such as clustering and syllable study.

Mathematics practice improves basic math skills. Learn the language of mathematics to make word problems easier. Remediation for Algebra and Geometry is also available.

Summer Tutoring Sessions Are Available as Additional Support. Click here for more info.


11 Wampanoag Drive
West Hartford, CT

Four Weeks

Enrollment for all four weeks is recommended. Two or three week enrollments are offered as space permits.

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