Christina Lamphere

Smiling woman with glasses and long blond hair.

Education Director
Phone: 860-236-5807

Christina Lamphere is the Education Director at Ben Bronz Academy. Christina’s relationship to BBA goes all the way back to when she was in high school. At that time, her brother, a student with Dyslexia, attended Ben Bronz Academy from half-way through his 7th grade year through 9th grade. Christina had always wanted to teach, but this connection to Ben Bronz Academy stirred her interest in special education. Christina helped her brother with his fluencies daily when he got home from school and during summer vacations (this was before CyberSlate went home). She sat with her brother, a watch, a pink sheet, and a hard word book for each read. She loved doing Organization of Dot sheets that Ian Spence had the parents complete during the Mediated Learning training sessions. She eventually became an Instrumental Enrichment teacher and it is still one of her favorite classes to teach.

Overall, Christina was able to see what Ian and Aileen Spence, as well as the instruction from the mediators, could do for a child that was reading well below grade level. She witnessed, firsthand, a student enter BBA at the first grade reading level and leave decoding at the twelfth grade reading level.

Christina’s career began at Ben Bronz Academy as a mediator in 1999. She was assigned the position of Head Mediator from 2003–2006. From 2002–2016 she was the Director of the Cyber LaunchPad Program at Ben Bronz Academy. In 2006, Christina became a Senior Mediator. From 2010 to 2015, she served as the Assistant Education Director for Ben Bronz Academy. In 2015, Christina took over the role of Education Director for Ben Bronz Academy. She holds a B. S. in Special Education with cross-endorsement in Regular Education from Saint Joseph College. She has a Master of Science in Educational Leadership and a 6th year Certificate in Educational Leadership from Central Connecticut State University.