Teachers Speak

We call our teachers mediators. Here’s why.

Please read these quotes from our staff to receive insights on how we approach learning and why students with learning disabilities tend to excel at the Academy:

“We take educational best practices and implement them in a small, structured setting with great intensity.

“Every student finds a peer group here. They know everyone here has something difficult to deal with and they’re okay with that. Kids start thinking, ‘I don’t have to hide that I have trouble reading because everyone here is working on something.’

“We don’t call ourselves teachers. We call ourselves mediators because we mediate the learning process. We’re the link between the content and the student.

“One of the first and most important things we give students is success. With small successes they start believing in themselves again.

We don’t provide answers in class. We ask leading questions so the children discover the answers themselves.”

“After I earned my Masters Degree in English Literature I wanted to teach honors classes at a private school. I accepted a job interview at Ben Bronz just to practice my interview skills. But once I saw the school and the program I was fascinated and loved everything about it. I’ve been teaching here now 23 years.

Because of her work at Ben Bronz Academy, my daughter was able to excel in high school and was accepted at a rigorous university. She is well on her way to becoming a teacher. I know she will be an excellent teacher and will emulate the superb mediators she encountered at Ben Bronz Academy.”
– Alumnus Parent