Helping kids with learning disabilities make sense of their world.

Ben Bronz Academy in West Hartford, Connecticut, is a day school for students with learning disabilities in grades 2–12.

Since 1985, our unified approach has made a lasting difference for hundreds of learning disabled students. Our goal is to help students identify and correct their functional weaknesses and to develop strong, spontaneous thinking habits that build self-confidence and foster greater curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

Our Mission

We believe that every child deserves the chance to succeed educationally. To accomplish this, we provide children with substantial learning disabilities an individualized learning program that enables them to master lifelong learning skills, achieve academic success and enhance their self-confidence.

Community Connections

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From dyslexia and dysgraphia to Executive Functioning Disorder and ADD/ADHD, our full-time State of Connecticut approved Private Special Education Program has a proven track record of guiding such specially challenged students to begin on a successful lifelong learning path.

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BBA Taught Me Everything I Needed To Know

BBA not only taught me everything I needed to know to go back to public school but gave me the discipline to get all my work done, to manage my time by organizing my work.

Charles Belvin
Two year BBA student, high school graduate and a junior college graduate