Our Program

BBA Taught Me Everything I Needed To Know
BBA not only taught me everything I needed to know to go back to public school but gave me the discipline to get all my work done, to manage my time by organizing my work.
– Charles Belvin, a two year BBA student, high school graduate and a junior college graduate

What If Your World Made No Sense?

Many children with learning disabilities live in a world they find confusing and frustrating. These children have average or better intelligence, but they lack the tools to help them make sense of their world. The tools they lack are problem-solving skills, and the ability to grasp simple relationships. Their struggle often leads to impulsive, disorganized, and ineffective behaviors.

The Academy’s education program centers on Mediated Learning, which helps kids with learning disabilities make sense of their world.

Here Teachers Are Called Mediators

At Ben Bronz Academy our teachers are called mediators. It is our belief that the path to effective learning begins when a teacher mediates the interaction between the student and the content. This means that the frequency and intensity, the context, and the order in which content is presented must be dynamically modified to sharpen student awareness and understanding.

A Professor’s Highest Recommendation
“Year after year for well over two decades Ben Bronz Academy has amassed an impressive list of accomplishments with students who have serious learning disability challenges… Parents and teachers of students with such challenges would do well to consider this excellent learning environment.”
– David S. Martin, Ph.D., Professor/Dean Emeritus, Gallaudet University, Washington, DC.

Improving the overall cognitive performance of children with learning disabilities demands a broad-scale strategy of intervention. The focus must not be on any specific skills or subjects but on the process of learning itself.

At Ben Bronz Academy we base much of our philosophy on the research and findings of Dr. Reuven Feuerstein. An Israeli psychologist, Dr. Feuerstein is a hard-nosed optimist who believes humans can alter their cognitive structures. Feuerstein challenges the adults in the students’ environment to be the mediators who interpret the environment so that the students can accurately comprehend what they see. His approach, Structural Cognitive Modifiability, led to the development of curricula that emphasizes the teachers’ mediating role.