Bright children with learning disabilities often learn faster, better, and more independently when they’re taught to use today’s advanced learning technologies. Ben Bronz Academy endeavors to be a leader in the adaptation of technology that fosters learning. As early as 1985, we invested in equipment and software, and where necessary, we created programs to enhance learning.

  • Our students in practice basic typing skills, reading, writing, and math through daily fluency programs. Word processing programs provide a workbench for learning writing and note-taking. We utilize the most current online teaching and learning programs and apps to ensure students are prepared to re-enter their academic programs with the tools needed for success.
  • Our Feedback Awareness point system is recorded by the mediators in the classroom, and stored in a database at the end of classes. Students know at all times what they’re doing to enhance their learning and if they are doing anything that is impeding their learning.

Daily Skill Practice Greatly Accelerates Learning

All Academy students use fluency programs for skill-building. They practice their one-minute timings under the watchful eyes of the mediators for about 30 minutes of the school day (in 10 minute sessions). They also practice these exercises at home daily (including weekends), because we have found that daily practice greatly accelerates the learning of basic skills.

Instant Feedback Awareness Motivates Students And Keeps Them On Task

Our Feedback Awareness point system, in which points are awarded uniformly in all classes for positive or negative behaviors as they occur, is efficiently managed in a database. Our mediators award points in every class for anything that contributes to a student’s learning. At the end of the class period, the mediator enters the tallies in a customized data-entry grid.  The database tallies can be reviewed in table or chart form by mediators and students at any time.

How can we help?

If you have a question or an issue please call 860-236-5807 or contact us via email.