Ben Bronz Academy names Ana Maria Alvarez as Chief Financial Officer and Business Manager

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Ben Bronz Academy has hired Ana Maria Alvarez as the school’s Chief Financial Officer and Business Manager.

Alvarez will lead the business operations for the state-approved, private, special education school in West Hartford.

As a school administrator, Alvarez said she is always student focused. “The key to unlocking your potential lies in believing in yourself and the unique abilities you possess.” As school leaders, we hold the power to instill in our students a belief in their own abilities,” she said. “Each of us is unique, with our own distinct learning styles, yet we all possess the capability to achieve what we set our minds to.

Before joining Ben Bronz, Alvarez was the Director of Finance and Human Resources at Intensive Education Academy (IEA). She played a pivotal role in organizational growth, overseeing financial operations and facilitating significant infrastructure enhancements.

Alvarez earned a Business Administration degree from Charter Oak State College and later completed a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management from UConn, focusing on diversity and employment law.

BBA serves students grades 2nd through 12th grade from around the state who have struggled to learn in other settings. The students have been identified with various learning disabilities, including: Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Executive Function Difficulties, ADHD, CAPD, and ASD (mild/Asperger’s).

The goal at Ben Bronz is to help students correct their functional weaknesses and to develop strong, spontaneous thinking habits that build self-confidence, foster curiosity and an enthusiasm for learning. BBA was founded in 1985 with the belief that every student deserves to succeed. Since then, BBA has prepared hundreds of students for academic success. Their individualized learning program enables students to master learning skills, achieve academic success and enhance self-confidence.

Ben Bronz Executive Director and CEO Gail Lanza said Alvarez is a perfect fit. “Ana Maria is deeply committed to ensuring that every child receives the love, respect, and educational opportunities they deserve. With profound appreciation for the dedicated efforts of educators and school personnel, Ana Maria recognizes the pivotal role they play in shaping young minds,” Lanza said.