Opening the Door

Not just a school, but a family that understands how students learn, socialize and flourish when their learning style is not the norm. Dedicated, passionate mediators understand each child’s individual needs and truly restores confidence in their ability to learn. Skills learned at BBA are invaluable life skills needed to navigate the world when you learn differently. My children’s progress is amazing. They are happy, well adjusted and feel part of a wonderful community.
– BBA Parent of two students

Opening the door

Ben Bronz Academy: Building Active Independent Learners by working with bright children with learning disabilities

Jeremiah, a bright seventh grader with a learning disability, read on a second grade level. After two years at Ben Bronz Academy he returned to the public school system reading on a 12th grade level. Today he holds a full time job as an underwriter at a Connecticut insurance company.

Jeremiah’s story is unusual. But the average student at the Academy does advance quickly and confidently in academics, maturity, and learning ability. On average, students come to Ben Bronz Academy three years behind in reading. And yet:

  • 8 of 10 students who enter the Academy below grade level in reading and math reach grade level or exceed grade level within one to two years
  • Students successfully return to their home school within an average of 2.6 years
  • 8 of 10 Academy alumni graduate to pursue the academic or vocational opportunity of their own choice

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