A letter from Academy Co-Founder Ian Spence

Ian SpenceDear Parents,

Please don’t wait. If your school-age child is bright, but she or he is struggling with reading, math, writing, or self-expression, get help now. The earlier bright children with learning disabilities receive help the sooner they can begin making gains along a successful learning path.

If your child is more than two years behind in reading, Ben Bronz Academy’s instructional approach may be the best solution for your child. Consistent measurable gains can be achieved through our intensive full day program. Your child might require at least three or four classes of remedial reading with ongoing practice and feedback throughout the school day, reinforced by exercises at home on weeknights and weekends. Ben Bronz Academy is dedicated to implementing this level of intervention through a comprehensive individualized student program, delivered by highly trained personnel.

Most of our students are able to return to their home schools after no more than two years at Ben Bronz Academy, continuing on as confident independent learners. This rapid growth begins with our unique process of identifying the best way for each student to develop, learn, and achieve. Ultimately, however, it is the students themselves that make this growth possible. It is our fundamental belief that the learner knows best. Our students become actively engaged through a process of learning how they learn, and how to measure and improve upon their learning independently. The result is a newfound self-motivation to become effective problem solvers and independent thinkers.

At Ben Bronz Academy, we set our students on the path to realizing their full potential.

A history of difficulty and failure at school can be discouraging and disheartening, but that can change virtually overnight once a struggling student has the opportunity to identify and connect with his or her true ability. Get your child started on a successful learning path now!

Yours truly,

Ian Spence, Ph.D., M.S.W.