Information About Our Move


Ben Bronz Academy Will Be Moving to a New Home!

We are thrilled to announce that Ben Bronz Academy, the Ben Bronz Foundation and the Learning Incentive will be embarking on an exciting transition. Since 1985, Ben Bronz Academy has afforded bright students with learning disabilities the opportunity to succeed academically and to learn the value of curiosity, perseverance, patience, self-reliance, and excellence. In the spirit of this tradition, we will be expanding our school and moving to a new location. This new location will allow us the opportunity to serve our students in a larger, dedicated space with room to grow. Although we plan to expand, the structure, integrity and, dedication of our program will remain the same. Following are some facts about our move.

Q and A


Q: Where will the new Ben Bronz Academy building be located?

A: 11 Wampanoag Drive, West Hartford, CT. Just 5 minutes down the road from our current location – maintaining our central Connecticut location.


Q: How big is the new building?

A: The new building is three floors and is about twice the size of the space we currently occupy. More space will allow us to preserve our small class sizes and individualized attention.

Q: Is this building part of a campus, similar to our current location?

A: We will be joining the campus of Northwest Catholic High School. The building has been used in the past by the Town of West Hartford for their STRIVE program and adult learning programs. The building is quite secure and safe.
Click here to go to the Northwest Catholic High School site

Q: When will students start attending school at the new location?

A: Current students will end the year at our N. Main Street location. Our summer programs will be held at our new location and 2018-2019 students will begin the school year in August in the new building.

Q: Are any renovations planned for the new building?

A: Renovations are currently being planned, including a fenced in play area for recess, paving of the parking lot, re-doing the courtyard and building an ADA compliant front entrance.

Q: Will the Learning Incentive and the Ben Bronz Foundation be moving with Ben Bronz Academy?

A: Yes! The Learning Incentive program will have its own dedicated, larger room on the first floor. The Ben Bronz Foundation will have offices in the building, as well.

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